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" Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction. "
Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Your Wedding Cake is a sweet and memorable representation of you and your chosen one, of your personalities, traditions, cultures and dreams. When you hire Chef Bonnie to design and create your cake you will get a patient and talented chef, who will give you her undivided attention, as she listens carefully and attentively to all your dreams and wishes, and helps you make the most of the happiest day in your life, your wedding day.

" It is good to have an end to journey towards; but it is the journey that matters, in the end. "
Ursala K. LeGuin

As with the old saying "Enjoy the Journey"...with Chef Bonnie you will certainly enjoy the journey to your wedding day, from the very first meeting, to tasting a variety of cake flavors, and fillings to the actual design of your artful masterpiece, ending with the exquisite sight of your finished, masterful centerpiece on your special day.

Pastry Chef Bonnie often works with out of state brides who choose our beautiful Vermont for their Destination Wedding Venue. Through use of e-mail, phone, fax and Skype chats, Bonnie will create your wedding cake masterpiece. Call today 802-228-4468 or e-mail at and talk to Bonnie about your dream cake. It will be the best choice you ever made and you will have one less item on your list to worry about.

Sweet Surrender Bakery, Ludlow, Vermont - Wedding Cakes Since 1991

Dear Bonnie, Thank you for providing the cakes for our special events. Thank you for answering my many questions and concerns when I ordered each cake. I really appreciate your attention to detail.

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