Julia Child

Pastry Chef Bonnie's mentor has always been the amazing and formidable, bigger than life, grand dame of the culinary world, Julia Child.

Julia's vigor, enthusiasm and passion in the kitchen has inspired Pastry Chef Bonnie to open Sweet Surrrender Bakery. Bonnie was thrilled, honored and flattered when she was asked to bake Julia's 85th Birthday Cake, which was served to Julia live on the Good Morning America show with Sara Moulton and the rest of the ABC crew in the studios. In Quechee Vermont is where Julia was interviewed by Sara Moulton on Good Morning America culminating with the beautiful and delicious birthday cake designed and created by Pastry Chef Bonnie, of Sweet Surrender Bakery. You can watch the video clip here.

"In Julia's Kitchen with Master Chefs" book autographed by Julia Child

Just like Julia, Bonnie's insatiable curiosity to learn and discover new recipes, methods and designs is responsible for the growth of her bakery business. To be able to partake next to Julia on this momentous occasion is a precious memory and tribute, that climaxed for Bonnie with the autographed book "In Julia's Kitchen with Master Chefs", that Julia gave her as a thank you for that "delicious and beautiful cake"

Nowadays brides from all of Vermont and out of state alike enjoy delicious and stunning wedding cakes designed and created by Bonnie McGhie-Allen from Sweet Surrender Bakery and an unforgettable experience.

Sweet Surrender Bakery, Ludlow, Vermont - Wedding Cakes Since 1991

The cake top, cupcakes and table arrangement was exactly what we envisioned. We got several comments about how good all four of the cupcake flavors were - the cake top was especially yummy! Thanks again.

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